Why We’re the Right Fit

  • We specialize in CPG: 100+ brands have partnered with us because of our experience and expertise.
  • Over 25 Years of Challenger Brand Successes.
  • Strong Track Record of Successful New Product Launches.
  • CPG-focused strategic thinking and access to insights and data that are usually not affordable for most challenger brands.
  • Deep Connections Outside the Advertising Industry: With our extensive contacts, if you need business solutions beyond advertising, we can connect you with the right people.

What We Believe

  • Our mission is to help you sell more products to more people more often for more money
  • Advertising that does not generate sales is paid entertainment.
  • The message is sacred; not the method of delivery, which must evolve as technology evolves.
  • We’re a Brand Dating Service. Brands are built by great products. Our focus is to get your brand as many first dates, or trials, as possible.
  • Failure is not an option. We innovate, adapt and overcome to win for every client.
  • Our best client is one who is seeking Exponential Growth.

Why We’re Different

Challenger Mindset

A challenger mindset means being nimble, strategic, tactical, and seeking exponential growth by looking for opportunities that category leaders ignore. It is thinking about business in a different way and finding new, effective solutions to old problems.

We operate with a challenger mindset and look for partners and collaborators that do the same.

Media Budget Multiplier

With strong media business relationships and extensive direct-to-consumer experience, Jekyll + Hyde can turn even modest media budgets into targeted, highly effective ad campaigns. These campaigns typically provide 3 to 5 times more media value.

CPG Specialists with Knowledge + Industry Connections

If you need business solutions beyond advertising, we can connect you with the right people.

We’ll activate our indispensable partnerships with retail brokers, retail buyers, celebrities, FDA and FTC lawyers and more can be activated to provide information and answers.

Neuroscience-Based Creative

Our unique approach blends creative thinking with consumer data and neuroscientific practices that include neuro-linguistic programming, hypnotherapy, and Human-Givens theory.

As a result, we produce advertising that effectively triggers the audience to go out and buy your products.

If your goal is measurable growth, our messaging is key to moving the needle for your business.

More About Our Approach


Mark Young


The doctor behind Jekyll + Hyde.

Dr. Mark Young is the founder and CEO of Jekyll + Hyde Labs. He leveraged his passion for neuroscience, persuasion, and hypnosis to build Jekyll + Hyde Labs into one of the nation’s most successful advertising agencies for challenger and emerging brand consumer products.

Dr. Mark Young is one of those rare individuals with an insatiable thirst for knowledge. He studies trends in technology, human behavior, geopolitics, economics and future studies. His unusual style of processing information and problem solving was formed early on, based on his own combination of epistemology and multidisciplinary thinking.

When other kids looked up to superheroes or performers, Mark was studying everything he could about Ben Franklin, Thomas Edison, and Blaise Pascal. Mark has lived by the words of these men, especially Pascal, who said, it is impossible to know everything about everything, so it is incumbent on us to know something about everything.

Mark is a serial entrepreneur with interests in advertising, real estate, life extension and media. He also co-hosts multiple podcasts and is currently working towards his professional race car driver’s license.

Justin Girouard

Director of Accounts

After completing his bachelor’s degree in Music Industry from Valparaiso University, Justin Girouard explored the independent music landscape for a few years until returning home to Michigan where he discovered a calling in higher education. After receiving his MBA from Argosy University, he was ready for a new challenge that he found at Jekyll + Hyde Labs. Justin has an aptitude for strategic planning and client service, as well as an endless curiosity that drives him to always find a better way.

Michelle Pike


Michelle works with all departments to remove roadblocks, increase efficiency and ensure a focus on profitable outcomes for clients. She served in the Air Force and worked for construction trade firms until landing at the agency as Employee #001. She wrote her first commercials at age 13 for a show she and her sister created and has since served in a variety of industry roles including copywriter, director, producer, and media director. Other work experiences include non-agency marketing roles and a stint in higher education. Pike possesses an MBA from Northwood University.

Our Services

  • Strategy + Creative Services

    • Concepting + Messaging Strategy
    • Market Research + Analytics
    • Branded Content Creation
    • Copywriting
    • Neuro-Persuasive Advertising
    • Influencer Marketing
  • Production

    • Broadcast – Television + Radio
    • Online Video
    • Packaging
    • Brand Development
    • Print
    • Web Design and Development
    • Digital Assets - Standard, Animated and Rich Media
  • Consulting

    • New Product Development
    • Retail Consulting
  • Media Planning + Buying

    • Traditional Media
      • TV-OCC/CTV
      • Radio
      • Print
      • Out-of-Home
    • Digital Media
      • Display
      • Paid Search
      • Content Marketing
      • Mobile
      • SEM
      • Social Media
      • Email Marketing