The Challenge

The health-focused brand F-Factor was looking to expand their business. They were moving from exclusively operating in-person consultation-based clinic and coaching to adding a direct-to-consumer full line of food and powder products. F-Factor needed to expand their message beyond their base in the very competitive weight-loss category.

The Strategy

J+H focused the product message on telling consumers that they could still enjoy the eating and drinking habits they loved, while losing the weight with the tagline: “Dine out, eat carbs – STILL LOSE WEIGHT. Discover the F-Factor secret to losing weight & keeping it off.” Next, we utilized the brand’s founder as a relatable social media influencer and added easy recipe content to deliver the message in an approachable and engaging way. We built an integrated digital media strategy that included organic and paid social media, paid search, content marketing and dynamic retargeting that was geo-targeted on metropolitan markets that indexed highest for the brand’s target market.

The Result

Sales grew to $7.6 Million within the first year of the launch of the products.


First Year Sales