Case Study:


The Challenge

Chanasya, a home decor company that offers custom blankets and bedding at wholesale prices, built a very successful Amazon business during the COVID-19 pandemic. As time passed, the Amazon marketplace became flooded with new competitors, commoditizing their business, and diminishing their revenue and profits. The owners of Chanasya noticed this trend and quickly realized they needed to diversify their revenue streams to safeguard their business against the volatility of Amazon. The first step towards that larger goal was to increase their branded website sales by 50%.

Amazon dominated the online marketplace for this category. The product searchability, visual functionality, ease of product review analysis, and two-day risk-free shipping made Amazon the ideal online destination for these items. To achieve Chanasya’s goal, J+H would need to de-commoditize the Chanasya brand of products through effective messaging and develop an online shopping experience so valuable to overcome the “Amazon Effect”, that would change the way they shop for these products to purchase on the Chanasya branded website.

The Strategy

Using the J+ H infinite growth path, the team was able to develop a strategy that left the consumer inspired to not only go to the website, but to stay and shop. J+H redesigned their website and created a quiz that guides the consumer through choosing the perfect home item available on their site. This strategy leveraged the law of reciprocity, by providing the consumer with the experience of working with a personal designer for free, they felt they must “repay” that experience by purchasing product directly. Additionally, this experience immediately establishes rapport and positions Chanasya as an authoritative brand by providing design options catered to that individual.

Because home décor is a visual experience, J+H focused on presenting these luxurious items in a way that is immersive and engaging. Taking inspiration from Amazon, the team updated the website's UX, allowing customers to interchange the products' color options in real time. This upgrade to the display pages improved their image galleries making it more appealing and easier for the customer to navigate and choose items to purchase.

J+H did not stop there! To garner more attention, the team incorporated a social media influencer, Google Shopping, email marketing, and utilized the strengths of Pinterest to introduce new customers to the brand.

The Result

This successful strategy resulted in a 51% increase in Chanasya website sales YOY!


Increase in Site Sales YOY