Case Study:


The Challenge

FungiCURE Intensive Spray was struggling to meet their sales baseline at retailers, and they needed to make an immediate impact. Additionally, this was December, and the toenail fungus category has been historically active only in the summer when consumers are concerned about showing their toes in public. We knew we needed to change consumers purchasing behavior to one that drove them to purchase a new product outside of the traditional season.

The Strategy

First, we developed a creative message that positioned the product as a preventative measure to combat a new indication we invented (discovered) and called “Winter Toe Fungus”. Winter Toe Fungus is toe fungus created because of the moisture and heat created in your boots.

The Result

In just three months of the TV campaign, the product’s unit sales grew by 66% compared to the prior period, making them #1 in the category.


Sales Growth


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