J+H Insights:

What We Do

Chances are, if someone asks you what you do for work, you would answer web developer, media buyer, graphic artist, etc. If asked to describe the company you work for, you would probably say an advertising agency.

Yes, we are an advertising agency, and we perform all these various functions, but this is not why clients come to us. All of these "things" that we do are merely a means to an end.

No matter how nice of a website we create or how creative a TV spot we produce, these are still commodity items. The truth is, there are thousands of companies that can do the exact same thing, probably cheaper and maybe even better. There is no long-term future for us as a company doing what everyone else can do.

The key to real success is to be a monopoly. Most people think of a monopoly as an exclusive in a category, such a utility or a patented drug. But, in reality, every business can become a monopoly.

Apple is a monopoly. Clearly companies other than Apple make laptops, phones and other items. But if a consumer wants the experience and performance of a MacBook, you must buy it from Apple. What’s more, you will pay $2,000 for a laptop that has competitors priced at $500. In other words, Apple is a monopoly on the Apple experience.

Jekyll & Hyde is not in the business of selling advertising. We are in the business of selling a better, bigger, more profitable future, and that’s what clients come to us for. They have defined (in some cases) what they would like their future to look like: increased sales, increased distribution, additional product launches and more.

Our job is to understand their vision for tomorrow, help them define it in measurable terms, determine if it is rational and, finally, provide the road map for them to realize this vision.

Everything we do after this is just creating tools to achieve the vision and the goals. Why is this important? Consider what would you pay me to rewrite and create a new resume for you. What is that worth to you? Now what if I told you that I could make you a resume that would triple your pay in the next 18 months? And I have a long list of other people you can speak to that will verify this.

Now what are you willing to pay me to make your resume? And do you even care how I do it? Do you really care what it says, what font I use or what paper I decide to print it on, as long as it gets you the triple-paying job that I am known for landing?

That is who we are. We are Jekyll & Hyde, the number one advertising agency in America for challenger brand consumer packaged goods and technacueticals. For this type of company, we can deliver the future they desire faster than any other advertising agency. We have the track record of success that exceeds anyone in our industry.

Now, what does the company you work for do? We sell the future. We make other people's dreams a reality. We bring people's ideas to light. We make better tomorrows. We do this not just for the clients, but for every one of us that works here. And that is just plain exciting.